हम सब का संकल्प महान, स्वर्वेद महामंदिर निर्माण ||

Any Fund donation to Swarved Mahamandir Trust through the online service donated by the donor will be utilized in fulfilling its aims, like construction of the largest Meditation center (The Swarved Mahamandir) and other social activities including but not limited to
  • Impart the knowledge of true Yoga and Meditation by conducting seminars and workshops from time to time
  • Promote regional integration and encourage, support and develop social welfare programs
  • Provide assistance and relief to people effected by natural calamities
  • Provide food, clothes and shelter to needy people
  • Undertake or assist projects like digging wells, providing drinking water facilities, fodder for cattle, grains, seeds and fertilizers for farming and agricultural tools
  • Establish and maintain or support health and immunization camps, hospitals, charitable dispensaries, medical camps, children welfare camps, nutrition centers and preventive care
  • Establish and maintain or support old age homes
  • Promote or support studies, researches in Ayurvedic medicines and Yoga
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